Child’s play you must miss when you were still a kid.

1.- if u didn’t kill earthworm with salt.
2.- if u didn’t play rubber band.
3.- if u neva bath in the d rain.
4.- if nobody told u about india vs nigeria 99-1
5.- if u did not sleep on the couch and woke up
on the bed.
6.- if u didn’t throw ur milk teeth on the roof
for lizards to take it
and give you new ones.
7.- if u didn’t just wash your legs n hands
instead of bathing before going to school.
8.- if u didn’t act film inside uncompleted
buildings or under d bed with friends.
9.- if u have never flew a kite.
10.- if u didn’t use your two legs to build houses
with sands.
11.- if u never wrote your name on a
paper and
insert it into your
pen so that no one will steal it.
12.- if u didn’t close the fridge door really slowly
and see when the light went off.
13.- if u neva waved at white birds expecting
your nails to be whiter.
14.- if u didn’t hear of ghost that stays under
mango trees at night.
15.- if u never drove a single car tyre with stick
and call it a car.
16.- if u never mix garri and sugar in ur pocket
and eat it while walking on the street.

  1. if u never did mama n papa play e.g cooking
    leaf and sand without fire.
    18.- if u didn’t play table soccer with bottle
    ……..then i guess ur childhood was not fun!….
    Do you knw it is not jangilova epo motor? it is
    LIKE A MOTOR! i bet u don’t knw. don’t be shy. i
    didn’t knw either until i grew up.
    ….am sure 99.9% of nigeria Adult doesn’t knw
    dat nursery rhyme “sandalili sandalili” is actually
    “standard living
    standard living”
    i knw u are singing it now again, smiles…
    ***Confess u are guilty? hahahahaha! keep
    sharing d fun and
    laugh it off. ***%
    Don’t break dis chain share it to
    all ur skul
    n playing mate 2 remember dem of their
    childhood memories…

See How People Welcomed Trump Into Florida After He Left The White House

Former President Donald Trump left the White House barely 24 hours ago and headed to Florida. He was received by a large number of people who were also his supporters, they were waiting to see him after he landed in Florida.

Trump subbed President Joe Biden’s inauguration and before he boarded the Air Force One for the flight to Florida, he told his supporters that “he loves them, he would be back in some form and he would see then very soon.” The love that Trump supporters have for him is still very strong and they proved it when he arrived in Florida. Hundreds of his supporters went to wait by the road to welcome the ex president, they were carrying flags and banners with his name on it.

Check out the photos below

Trump was also spotted waving to the hundreds of his supporters who welcomed him into Florida. According to The Palms Beach Post, hundreds of Trump supporters lined up and cheered as Trump’s motorcade traveled from Palm Beach International Airport to his new residence, Mar-a-Lago on Palm Beach.

You can watch the full video below


Donald Trump is now living in his massive Mar-a-Lago estate on an island off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. Here are a few photos of his new residence below

Now that Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States and Donald Trump is a private citizen, do you think the president would adapt to his new life? Do you also think that Trump might run for president again in 2024 if the Senate doesn’t convict him?

Share your opinions below

Nigerian women has just made an history.

Last night as at 1:20am from my end, while going through some Facebook post and news, I came across Vanguard online news which reported of 100 global outstanding nurses and midwives amidst this covid-19 pandemic.

Among the 100 global outstanding nurses and midwives were four (4) women that top the list in Nigeria. As I read along, the first person was from my own Delta state, then follows by the second name (Edidiong Asanga.) I paused for a while and said to myself, could this be my own Jahdiong Asanga or someone else?

I continued reading to a point where it was said that, Edidiong Asanga is the only nurse and midwife in her area who uses American and Nigeria sign language to communicate with hearing impaired patients, who has also worked to improve healthcare access and inclusivity in hearing impaired patients and also training other nurses in ASL and NSL.

As I read to this point, my mind told me not to read further anymore, as I was fully convince that it was my own Jahdiong Asanga.

As I immediately visited your page to congratulate you on your global acknowledgement and achievement, I noticed you were online with a post you already made like 5 minutes ago, where you posted that, if anyone could help inform your mom that you’ve been globally recognized among the 100 global outstanding nurses. It was then, I chatted and congratulated you.

I promise to personally celebrate you on my wall on your great achievement, hence this article.

Your achievement reminded me once again the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said: “IF YOU BUILD A BETTER MOUSETRAP BETTER THAN YOUR NEIGHBOR, EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN THE WOOD, THE WORLD WILL BEAT THEIR PATH TO YOUR DOORSTEP”.

Does the Bible also not made in clear in Proverbs 22:29 (a) which says: “Have you seen a man skillful at his work? He will stand before kings” Your and other three women has truly stood before the kings of the world.

Your name was written on a global marble on the 11th January 2021 due to your hardwork in the Healthcare sector, and the world truly beat their part to your doorsteps.

History will never forget you and other three women in a hury, as you’re among those who brought the name of Nigeria once again into limelight and world centre of gravity for a worldly recognition.

You didn’t only used your blue and red pen to write chart and taken off orders at work, but you personally wrote your name and lining it with red pen for proper recognition.

I join the medical kings of the world in congratulating and celebrating you and other three women nurses. Congratulations my darling friend and sister Edidiong Asanga.

Signing out is yours sincerely,


All students should be aware of this recent information on school resumption as COVID-19 cases rise.

The Coronavirus which was responsible for a lot of happenings around the country in 2020 has continued to make waves in this new year 2021.

Reports of a new and even deadly strain of the Virus have been circulating the media space all over the world.

The victims of the deadly virus experience even more danger as the virus try to squeeze their life force out of them.

The ones who live to testify about their experience with the deadly virus have recalled their experience as being excruciatingly painful.

Many still believe it is a hoax spread by the government in conjunction with health officials. However, this is not true as many people are dying daily and are truly suffering from the Virus.

The global pandemic has affected many things including business, social life, and so on. Education is also at the mercy of the pandemic as many students have been out of school for almost 1 year running. The second wave of the pandemic will also make it hard for students to go back to school as revealed by the government.

Though a resumption date of 18th January 2021 was announced, the government has reviewed the current state of things and has given some updates concerning school resumption.

*PTF update on school resumption 

In the meeting, the minister of education said concerning school resumption that, “Even today at the PTF meeting, we looked at the rising figures and thought we should probably take another look at it. On the Jan.18, 2021 date for schools resumption, we are reviewing it.” 

This indicates that the January 18th resumption date which was announced by the PTF in 2020 is subject to change.

*ASUU stance on varsity resumption

 Chapters of the educational body have insisted that they are against the resumption of schools without adequate guidelines to protect against the virus.

The body claimed that though the workers are ready to go back to work, the government has not provided adequate material supply to prevent the spread of the virus which is in line with the PTF guidelines, PunchNews reports.

They have also urged parents to call for adequate preparation of schools before students are allowed to resume academic activities.

Different ASUU unions in various states mostly concluded that their schools are not ready for resumption. UniLag will be deciding a virtual meeting among senate members on the 13th of this month to decide on the school resumption date.

*Schools that have announced resumption dates

FUTA: According to Premium Times, FUTA will be resuming on the 18th of January 2020. The students were required to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines and wear face masks.

UI Resumption date-The current date for the resumption of fresh students in UI is May 5th. The UI academic calendar is a bit different from other universities’ calendars.

UNIPORT: UNIPORT has given their official resumption date to be January 27. The school reportedly purchased over 400 thermometers and has said that COVID-19 prevention measures have been put in place in classrooms.

As at the time this post was made, many other schools like Yabatech, UNILAG, ABU, and so on have not given any date on school resumption and are expected to do so soon.

What do you think about this important piece of information? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Democrats Begin Trump Impeachment Process in the house.

Democrats began the process of impeaching President Donald Trump for a second time on Monday if Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet do not remove him from office.

Democrats introduced a resolution calling on Pence to invoke the Constitution’s 25th Amendment and remove Trump from the White House for being unfit to discharge his duties.

Republicans blocked an immediate vote on the resolution and Democrats followed up by introducing an article of impeachment of Trump for “incitement of insurrection” over his role in Wednesday’s storming of the US Capitol by his supporters.

The dramatic moves come just nine days before Trump leaves the White House and President-elect Joe Biden is to be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.

Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland introduced the resolution calling on Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and declare Trump “incapable of executing his official duties.”

Republican Representative Alex Mooney of West Virginia objected to passing the resolution by what is known as “unanimous consent” and will be put to the vote on Tuesday, AFP reports.
After Republicans blocked the resolution, a single impeachment article against Trump was introduced in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

The House impeached Trump in December 2019 and now risks being the first president ever to be impeached twice.

The Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him following his last impeachment, and it is unclear whether the body would hold a trial this time to consider the latest charges.

COVID-19: Ignore ASUU, Varsities Ready for Resumption – VCs —

Vice-Chancellors of some federal and state universities in Nigeria have expressed readiness to reopen schools. Though the Academic Staff Union of Universities had said that varsities were not ready for reopening, the VCs said they had planned to reopen their institutions as directed by the Federal Government. One of the VCs of a…

COVID-19: Ignore ASUU, Varsities Ready for Resumption – VCs —

Wait for your time🕦 life is not a stone.

Don’t kill Mother to buy Benz 🚗 when you know her prayers can get you a private jet ✈. Don’t kill Father to get a mansion 🏠 when his blessings can get you an estate🏨🏨🏨. Don’t kill wife to live large 💆 when she can help you build an empire 🏯. Don’t stress to sell your girlfriend’s undies to be among the happening guys & lady’s 👦👦 when her faithfulness can touch God’s heart to bless you real good. Don’t sacrifice your kids (born & unborn)🚼👶just to be famous & spend millions in the club 💰💸💸💸💰 when you know they can give you what you can’t give yourself even after sacrificing them. Desist from rituals😈, hustle hard & wait for your time⏰. Every hustler 📶🙏📲🏦 has a pay day.
Wait for your time🕦 life no be stone, em go surely soft one

major causes of boils on private parts, some effective home remedies and the best ways to prevent them.

Boils are pus-filled inflamed bumps that develop under the skins of private parts. Many times, these boils develop on the skin surface of private parts or on sensitive surrounding surfaces that intermediates the internal and external organs.

Boils often develop on the private parts because such areas are basically under cover all the time, get little or no air and obviously are usually shaved with razors. They therefore form when hair follicles are blocked causing an infection to develop on under the follicles.

Some boils may look similar to pimples, but the tenderness, reddish surrounding and locations make the difference.

Before we look at the remedies, check out the causes first:

1- Shaving

2- Poor or bad immune system

3- Poor hygiene

4- Sharing sharp objects with someone who has boils

5- Having small cuts on the skin

6- Having certain skin conditions like eczema and acne.

Other common causes are:

7 – Ingrown hairs from shaving

8 – Infections like staph

9 – Rubbing or friction from tight clothes

10 – Sharing bathing materials like towels and sponges. Bacterias are transferable from one material to another body if they are not properly cleaned and dried.

These are the major causes of boils on the private parts.

How To Treat Boils At Home

Before treating boils, first note that they are caused by bacteria which are often accompanied by dirt. It is therefore necessary to wash your hands properly before and after treatment.

1- Do not pop or prick the boil

This is the first and foremost thing to know. Do not pop the boil as it is capable of spreading to the surrounding areas of the current spot.

Resist the urge to prick it. If it is itching, painful or irritating, try number 2 below.

2 – Apply Warm Compress

Get a warm water inside your bowel, a piece of small towel. Soak and slightly squeeze the towel then place it on the boil. Leave it for 10 – 20 minutes and remove.

Note: Do not scrub the boil tip with the towel. Just place and hold it.

The essence of this compress is to release the clonged blood and make it easier for blood to flow freely into the affected area, allowing more white blood cells and antibodies to flow in and fight the bacteria, ease irritations and heal the boil afterwards.

Repeat this process for at least 3 times daily.

3 – Wear lose underwears whenever you are treating boils

Wearing tight-fitted underwears is among the most common causes of boils in private parts. It is therefore advised to avoid this when you are treating boils. if possible, it is advisable to wear netted and free underwears (even when you do not have boils) that allows the passage of sufficient air and reduces the chances of friction.

4 – Apply ointments

Ointments like petroleum jelly can help prevent the boil from bursting as this can cause a spread of the bacteria to close areas. Some antiinflammatories and antibiotics ointments can also be purchased from drug stores on the streets.

In a more local sense, red oil has been confirmed for sooth irritations from boils and help heal the inflammation. While some mix it with salt for a faster result others apply only red oil and patiently wait for the result.

However, this is least practiced since red oil will not allow the carrier do wear clothes to avoid stain.

You can also:

Apply neem oil, castor oil, tea tree oil or Epsom salt.

5 – Take a painkiller

If the boil is painful and irritating, it is advisable to take some painkiller to ease the pains and inflammation. Ibuprofen is a good recommendation for this but must be taken on doctors prescription.


To prevent further boils in the private part, adhere strictly to these simple instructions:

1 – Change your shaving razor frequently

A dull raxor can increase the chances of having ingrown hair in the public areas. Change razors or blades after using for 2-4 times.

2. Do not share razors and other shaving materials.

Sharing razors with others is a great risk. Keep your razor clean, dry and away from others including your spouse.

3 – Do not dry-shave

Shaving in the shower, while bathing or using shaving lotions helps reduce friction on the hairs during shaving – preventing chances of boils from growing.

4 – Shave in the direction of hair growth

Shaving against your hair growth direction promotes ingrown hairs which increased the chances of developing boils.

5 – Constantly exfoliate your public areas

Removal of dead skin cells from your public areas can help unblock clonged follicles making the growth of bacteria almost impossible.

A mixture of sugar and honey can do a great job in this area as sugar is naturally an exfoliating substance with honey which nourishes the skin.

6 – Complete your antibiotic prescription

If your doctor had prescribed any antibiotics for you, make sure to complete them. Stopping before you complete the entire dosage may cause reinfections.

7 – Treat for staphylococcus aureus

Staphylococcus aureus are bacteria found on the skin surface which commonly is responsible for boils and othee common akin infections. This will need medical attention and is only considerable when the boils continues to reoccur.

Information Source:

Image Credit: Google

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protests as Obiozor emerges new Ohanaeze President

New President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Prof. George Obiozor (left) taking oath of office in Owerri …yesterday. PHOTO: COLLINS OSUJI

• This is not Ohanaeze we inherited, says ex-scribe

• Factional group announces separate result

• Abaribe, Utomi, Egwu, Nebo others call for another election

• Obiozor promises to pursue peace, security, development

Rancour and protests yesterday followed the election of a former Nigeria’s ambassador to the United States of America (USA), Prof. George Obiozor, as the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the largest and most influential socio-cultural umbrella body of the Igbo.

Before the first vote was cast, many had concluded that the former ambassador would emerge the winner. They believed the Imo State Government was determined to ensure Obiozor emerged the winner.

Leading contestants on Sunday morning quit the election, following alleged irregularities in the build-up to the poll.

Former secretary general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. Joe Nwaorgu; Prof. Chidi Osuagwu and Dr. Chris Asoluka, who had registered for the contest backed out after procuring and returning their nomination forms.

Nwaorgu announced his decision to quit the process to the surprise of many of his admirers on Saturday morning. He said he would not be part of an exercise that had sold the socio-cultural body to serving governors.

He described the election as a farce and the lowest part of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, wondering when the organisation had become a parastatal of government.

“This is not the Ohanaeze Ndigbo that we inherited from our past leaders. What is happening portends great danger and a bleak future for Ndigbo. I will not be part of the process to cause disintegration of Igboland,” he said.

Asoluka, while quitting the election stated that it was obvious “either NEC does not possess the will to rescue our dear Ohanaeze or it is complicit,” adding that “I hereby notify all of my decision not to participate any further.”

Amid the confusion, another group of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, led by “suspended” secretary general, Chief Uche Okwukwu, announced the election of Chief Chidi Ibeh from Imo State as the new president general.

Ibeh, according to Chief Richard Ozobu, emerged alongside Okwukwu as the deputy national chairman; Okechukwu Isiguzoro as secretary general among others.

Ozobu said “We promised to give Ndigbo credible election and that is what we have done.”

PERTURBED by the confusion over the electoral process, a group of Igbo leaders under the aegis of Concerned Ime-Obi members of Ohanaeze, held a zoom meeting attended by representatives from the five southeast states, Rivers and Delta states, and called for shift in the election to resolve pending issues.

The group had also asked that the running of Ohanaeze Ndigbo be handed over to the Southeast region of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for two months period while efforts would be made for another election.

Those who attended the Zoom meeting included Sir Onyesoh Nwachukwu, Elder Umah Eleazu, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Elder Kalu U. Kalu, Dr. Idika Kalu, Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, Dr. Okey Enelamah, Prof. Anya O. Anya, Dr. Uche Ogah, Dr. Emeka Wogu, Prof. Greg Ibeh, HRM Aguocha Bobby, Dr. Eme Okoro and Prof. Ihechukwu Madubuike, all from Abia State.

Participants from Anambra State were first Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, Dr Tim Menakaya, Chief Osita Chidoka, Iyiom Josephine Anenih, Engr Chris Okoye, Prof. Elo Amucheazi, Sen. Stella Oduah, justice Philip Umeadi, Lolo Kate Ezeofor, AVM Canice Umenwaliri, Prince Emeka Okeke, Archbishop Maxwell Anikwenwa and Chief Chris Eze.

Those who signed from Delta State included Admiral Dele Ezeoba, Most Rev Emmanuel Chukwuma, Prof. Pat Utomi; while Ebonyi State had Chief Lawrence Nwuruku, Dr. Sam Egwu, Elias Mbam, Amb Ogbonna Aja-Nwachukwu, Amb Mathias Okafor, Dr. Chris Okeke, Archbishop Emmanuel Ede and Engr Fidelis Nwankwo.

From Enugu State were Prof. Chinedu Nebo, Prof. Barth Nnaji, Admiral Alison Madueke, Hon. Toby Okechukwu, Mrs Fidelis Njeze, Chief Nduka Eyaa, Chief Enechi Onyia, Mrs Maria Okwor and Mr. Oyibo Chukwu as well as Hon Chibudum Nwuche and Chief Isaac Nwaonwu from Rivers State.

Dr. Kema Chikwe, Dr Charles Ugwuh, Most Rev Anthony Obinna, Dr Abraham Nwankwo, Maj Gen Roland Ogbonna, Justice B.A Njemanze, Dr. Frank Jacobs, Emeka Diwe, Prof. Uzodinma Nwala and Amb. George Onyegbula signed from Imo state.

They also recommended that efforts should be made to draw the attention of all key stakeholders on the need to step in and ensure that the elections are conducted in a way to unite rather than divide, permanently damage and embarrass the Igbo nation.

AT the Owerri election were Governors Hope Uzodimma and Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Ministers of Science of Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu; Labour and Productivity, Chris Ngige; Mines and Steel Development, Uche Ogah, among others

Obiozor garnered 304 votes to defeat other two other contestants, Dr. Valentine Okparaocha and Chief Uju Okoro who got 15 and 3 votes respectively.

Also, Amb. Okey Emuchay, emerged the Secretary General alongside High Chief Kroham Joel (Deputy President), Chief Bartholomew Okere (Financial Secretary), Mrs. Beatrice Eze (Treasurer) among others.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after his emergence, Obiozor said his leadership would root for peaceful coexistence among the Igbo and other tribes in the country, ensure security and economic development of the southeast, among other things.

“Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria,” Read What It Is Truly All About

Lately, a newly formed online association known as the “Stingy Men Association of Nigeria”(SMAN) have been trending on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

It’s an online association where it’s members are all men, and they are not allowed to spend money on their girlfriends or other girls.

Some persons have actually taken everything about the association too serious, and they’ve actually stopped given their girlfriends money, they’ve automatically turned to stingy men after claiming to be part of SMAN.

However, the online association was created just for fun and not to end relationships.

The surprising thing is that, even Don Jazzy is now a member, but don’t be fooled, he knows it’s just for fun.

No matter what, do not take the “SMAN” too serious, it’s just for fun. If you become a stingy lover, your girlfriend will start having double mind about being in a relationship with you, except you’re ok with that.

Are you a member?

Say something through the comment section below, and don’t forget to hit the like button before leaving this page, thanks.

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