See Photos of 11 Animals That Can Kill a Lion in a One-on-one Battle

Growing up, you probably believed that lions are the fiercest animals ever to exist, and maybe you still do. Perhaps they are, I’m not sure, but one advantage they have over some other animals is that they usually hunt in prides, that is as a group, while some other animals hunt singly.

But when talking about individual strength of each animal, lions may not be number one, as you may think. In a one-on-one show of strength, there are a number of animals that are believed to be able to withstand lions, and can even kill them in a one-on-one encounter.

Some of these animals, like the crocodile and rhino have thick skin covering, which can be an advantage to them. Some, like the buffalo and rhino can use their horns to their advantage. Then the giraffe has really long legs, which can prove very useful in a one-on-one combat with a lion. Then animals like the elephant and the hippopotamus have numerous weight advantage over the lion.

So below are eleven animals, which can kill a lion in a one-one-fight.

1. Buffalo

2. Elephant

3. Rhinoceros

4. Crocodile

5. Hippopotamus

6. Giraffe

7. Grizzly Bear

8. Tiger

9. Bison

10. Polar Bear

11. Spanish Fighting Bull

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