Are You Happy That A Bag Of Rice Is Now N35-40k?
Are You Happy That Drivers License Cost Between 25k-30k?
Are You Happy That N1500 Cannot Buy You 10Liters Of Fuel And N10k Can No Longer Fill You Car Fuel Tank?
Are You Not Angry That Every Nigerian Home Depend On Personal Generating Set For Electricity?
Are You Happy That Small Sachet Tomato Paste Is Now N100?
Are You Happy, That The Average Nigerian Home Now Spend Between N10k-N25k Monthly On Epileptic Power Supply?
Are You Not Worried That Our Minimum Wage Can Not Buy A Bag Of Rice or Beans Or Any Staple Food?
Do You Ever Wonder How Poor People Survive In This Nation?
Are You Not Mad At The Insane Number Of Extortion Points Called Checkpoints Allover Our Roads?
Are You Not Mad That Police, FRSC, Civil Defence, VIO, Customs, LASTMA, OCHA BRIGADE, Ndi Mpiawa Azu, Govt Sponsored Touts and Hooligans ETC Are All On Our Roads and Markets Harassing And Extorting Innocent People In Broad Day Light?
Are You Not Bitter That SMSE And Budding Entrepreneurs Spend All Their Profit And Even Capital On Diesel And Are Frustrated Out Of Business By Different Business Permits, Multiple Taxes And Insane Levies?
Are You Not Sad That You’re Forced To Bribe Your Way Through Life If You Need Anything Done In This Nation?
Is Your Car Comfortable On Our Pot Hole Ridden Death Traps Called Roads?
Are You OK With The Fact That 90% Of Nigerians Are Stuck With Poorly Equipped Hospitals While Our Elite 10% Junket Around The Globe For The Best Medical Attention?
Ever Ask Your Self Why Over 70% Of Nigerians Survive On Less Than A Dollar Daily?
Do You Ever Wonder Why Over 60% Of Our Graduates Are Jobless?
Are You Not Mad That NLC And NANs Has Been Compromised?
Are You Not Sad That Honest Hardworking People Die Broke In This Nation While The Shady Thrive?
Are You Not Tired And Angry?
I Am Tired
Nigerians Are Beyond Angry…. Enough is a enough.

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Published by Infobestz

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