Who is SARS? What is SARS? How can you identify SARS?


SARS is just a microcosm of our bigger problem as a nation. Our disregard and disrespect for human life and dignity.

When as a CIVIL SERVANT, you refused to move file of the ordinary person because he can’t “settle’ you, you are a SARS killing without gun.

When as an USHER or CHURCH OFFICIAL, you disrespect the ordinary church member because he came to church by public transport, you are a SARS Killing without gun.

When as a CEO or DIRECTOR, you want that Young lady or guy sleep with you before she/he gets that job or promotion, you are a SARS killing without gun.

When as a parent, you bribe the school officials to give your wards an advantage in exams because you have the means and by this, the hardworking child misses the admission that’s rightfully his you are a SARS killing without gun

When as a Religious leader, you celebrate and honour only those who are powerful and influential and can donate to your organization while you make the average member feel less than human just because he has little or nothing, you are a SARS killing without gun

Extortion of money from flocks for flamboyant lifestyles without gun in the name of God is SARS

When you are a lecturer in an higher institution, you forced your female students to sleep with you before they can pass their exams, you are a SARS killing without gun.

When you as an artistcian, you take advantage of your customers and lie to them about the nature of the work they brought to you, you are a SARS Killing without gun

SARS is not that BRUTAL POLICE OFFICER with a physical gun to intimidate powerless US, but that person who takes advantage of the system to treat the VUNERABLE as trash.

All those that cornered the palliatives from the government to the people, are SARS killing without gun

Kidnappers and Ritual killers are SARS

School Cultism killings are SARS

Political killings are SARS
Prayer Warriors calling fire down to consume fellow human beings are SARS

Selling, use and consumption of Hard Drugs for illicit acts is SARS

Bad Parenting, lack of parental care and protecting the evil deeds of our children is SARS

Husband/Wife Father/Mother praying to be successor of each other or denying the progression of or pitching Children’s love against each other is SARS

Hatred for other Human being or Persons or Groups is SARS

Betrayal of Person, Family, Group, Community or Nation is SARS

Failure to keep promises or abide with Vows/Oaths is SARS

Lack to abide by Constitutional/Ordained Laws is SARS

Fraudsters gradual killing of people without gun are SARS

Vandalisation and Destruction of infrastructures for financial gain or to sabotage the government leading to hardships and pains is SARS

Stealing and diversions of funds meant for community development and nation building is SARS

Oppression of fellow being/citizens is SARS

Aids and Abetting against persons, groups or constituted authority or institution for beneficial purposes or gain is SARS! Coupled with deceitfulness

We are all guilty. Time for all of us to repent and change. Change begins with you, me and us!



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