The truth is always bitter. Enough is a enough!


Introduction is not marriage!

Boyfriend is not Hubby!

Fiance is not Hubby!

Living together is not marriage!

What is the problem here? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Don’t you all know the meaning of marriage again?
You’ve not been acknowledged by him, his family, yours and elders, your brideprice hasn’t even been paid not to talk of marriage registration, you’ve not been given a ring, and you’re calling him “YOUR HUSBAND”? Are you okay at all?
Please my ladies, respect yourselves.
Respect your parents as well… Quit confusing these guys, quit giving them more than they are ready for, calm down with your desperation, raise your value!!!

Know your damn worth!!!

Today you visit, you leave toothbrush!

Tomorrow you leave slippers!

Yesterday you left panties!

Next tomorrow, you stayed forever.

Are you sure he is ready? if you turn yourself into a free cow that gives milk freely, why would a sensible man then buy milk again?

Stop turning yourselves to
free foods that could be eaten anytime by any


Be wise from today.
I know a lot of ladies will not comment nor like this update.

Truth is always bitter

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