25 Weirdest, Most Unusual Deaths Ever In The History Of Mankind.

  1. The Mayor of Betterton, Monica Meyer was
    checking her town’s sewage tanks. She accidently
    fell in and drowned in more than 15 feet of human
    waste. What a sh*tty way to die.
  2. The Queen of Siam (now called Thailand),
    Sunanda Kumariratana, drowned when her boat
    collapsed. There were a lot of people present when
    the accident happened but nobody saved her
    because they were forbidden to touch her.
  3. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, a Russian woman
    woke up to find herself lying in a coffin, at her own
    funeral after she had been wrongly declared dead.
    She was so shocked, she actually died.
  4. Hans Steininger, the man with the longest beard
    in 1567, died after tripping on his own beard while
    escaping a fire in his town.
  5. Basil Brown was such a fitness freak, he drank
    a gallon of carrot juice in a single day thinking it
    will make him healthy. But, it killed him.
  6. Chrysippus of Soli, a Greek philosopher died of
    laughter overdose after watching a donkey trying
    to eat figs.
  7. Maria Pantazopoulos, a newly wed bride from
    Montreal fell into a river and died during her
    wedding photoshoot.
  8. Greg Austin Gingrich was pretending to fall from
    the Grand Canyon. He lost his balance and actually
    fell off.
  9. In 1958, actor Gareth Jones was performing live
    in a play where his character was supposed to
    have a heart attack. He actually died of heart
    attack during the play. The whole cast improvised
    around the event and finished the play.
  10. It was during a gun safety class when Brian J.
    Parry shot himself accidentaly.
  11. During the World Sauna Championship in
    Finland, Vladimir Ladyhensky died after spending
    six minutes in a sauna.
  12. British racing driver Alan Stacey lost control
    and crashed himself to death during the Belgian
    Grand Prix after a bird flew into his face.
  13. In 1982, a man called David Grundman was
    practising close range shots at a Saguaro Cactus.
    After a few shots, a heavy branch fell off the 26
    feet tall cactus and crushed him to death.
  14. In 2013, a Brazillian man called Joao Maria de
    Souza died after a 1.5 tonne cow crashed through
    his roof and fell on him as he slept.
  15. Surinder Singh Bajwa, the Deputy Mayor of
    Delhi, fell off a balcony trying to shoo away
    monkeys in 2007.
  16. Frank Hayes, a jockey, won a race in New York
    even after dying. Here’s how – he died of a heart
    attack mid way but since he was still mounted on
    the saddle, his horse made him win by crossing
    the finish line first!
  17. While trying to prove that the glass used in the
    windows of a certain office was unbreakable during
    a case, lawyer Garry Hoy threw himself against the
    window. Even though the glass did not break, it
    came out of the frame and he fell from the 24th
    floor and died.
  18. The owner of a wool mill, Paul G. Thomas fell
    inside one of his machines and died after getting
    suffocated in 800 yards of wool.
  19. During the Dance Fever of 1518 in Strasbourg
    that lasted for over a month, a lot of people died
    dancing continuously for no reason.
  20. In 1771, the King Of Sweden, Adolf Fredril died
    after eating lobster, caviar, sauerkrat, cabbage
    soup, smokerherring, champagne and more than a
    dozen servings of his favourite dessert Selma.
  21. William Martinez was having an extramarital
    threesome with a man and a woman when he
  22. Danny Vanzandt died of ‘spontaneous
    combustion’. His body just caught fire.
  23. In 2008, an Irish woman was reported to have
    died after having sex with a dog. It is said she was
    allergic to dogs.
  24. In 1814, a brewery burst in London and caused
    the London Beer Flood. Over 3500 barrels of beer
    flew down the streets killing 8 people.
  25. Tycho Brahe, a Danish nobleman, refused to
    use the restroom while attending a banquet
    because it was considered impolite to leave before
    finishing your meal. He developed urinary
    complications and couldn’t pee after that. He
    passed away ten days later.

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