Wait for your time🕦 life is not a stone.

Don’t kill Mother to buy Benz 🚗 when you know her prayers can get you a private jet ✈. Don’t kill Father to get a mansion 🏠 when his blessings can get you an estate🏨🏨🏨. Don’t kill wife to live large 💆 when she can help you build an empire 🏯. Don’t stress to sell your girlfriend’s undies to be among the happening guys & lady’s 👦👦 when her faithfulness can touch God’s heart to bless you real good. Don’t sacrifice your kids (born & unborn)🚼👶just to be famous & spend millions in the club 💰💸💸💸💰 when you know they can give you what you can’t give yourself even after sacrificing them. Desist from rituals😈, hustle hard & wait for your time⏰. Every hustler 📶🙏📲🏦 has a pay day.
Wait for your time🕦 life no be stone, em go surely soft one

Published by Infobestz

HI, MY NAME IS VARO STEPHEN. But folks calI mẹ INFOBESTZ. I am a blogger and a freelancer living in Nigeria who love to share informative article updates with my Audience who are article lovers. I created INFOBESTZ.COM to serve as a platform to disseminate quality, credible and dependable information regarding various happenings, discoveries and adventures in Nigeria system and in the world at large..

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