Nigerian women has just made an history.

Last night as at 1:20am from my end, while going through some Facebook post and news, I came across Vanguard online news which reported of 100 global outstanding nurses and midwives amidst this covid-19 pandemic.

Among the 100 global outstanding nurses and midwives were four (4) women that top the list in Nigeria. As I read along, the first person was from my own Delta state, then follows by the second name (Edidiong Asanga.) I paused for a while and said to myself, could this be my own Jahdiong Asanga or someone else?

I continued reading to a point where it was said that, Edidiong Asanga is the only nurse and midwife in her area who uses American and Nigeria sign language to communicate with hearing impaired patients, who has also worked to improve healthcare access and inclusivity in hearing impaired patients and also training other nurses in ASL and NSL.

As I read to this point, my mind told me not to read further anymore, as I was fully convince that it was my own Jahdiong Asanga.

As I immediately visited your page to congratulate you on your global acknowledgement and achievement, I noticed you were online with a post you already made like 5 minutes ago, where you posted that, if anyone could help inform your mom that you’ve been globally recognized among the 100 global outstanding nurses. It was then, I chatted and congratulated you.

I promise to personally celebrate you on my wall on your great achievement, hence this article.

Your achievement reminded me once again the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said: “IF YOU BUILD A BETTER MOUSETRAP BETTER THAN YOUR NEIGHBOR, EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN THE WOOD, THE WORLD WILL BEAT THEIR PATH TO YOUR DOORSTEP”.

Does the Bible also not made in clear in Proverbs 22:29 (a) which says: “Have you seen a man skillful at his work? He will stand before kings” Your and other three women has truly stood before the kings of the world.

Your name was written on a global marble on the 11th January 2021 due to your hardwork in the Healthcare sector, and the world truly beat their part to your doorsteps.

History will never forget you and other three women in a hury, as you’re among those who brought the name of Nigeria once again into limelight and world centre of gravity for a worldly recognition.

You didn’t only used your blue and red pen to write chart and taken off orders at work, but you personally wrote your name and lining it with red pen for proper recognition.

I join the medical kings of the world in congratulating and celebrating you and other three women nurses. Congratulations my darling friend and sister Edidiong Asanga.

Signing out is yours sincerely,


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