Mathematical letter to his charming goddess.

Dear My luv… I may not be good
with words because my English is
not fluent, but What I feel deep
inside my heart persuades me to
express myself mathematically.
Every time I see u, u
simultaneously divide my life into
two equations. Because my
feelings for u cross-multiply on a
daily basis, u inspire me to be
greater than zero. Your smile
keeps me in touch with the
special angles of my heart. You
make me feel relaxed on the X-
axis where Y is equals to zero.
When I come across u, I feel like
I’m turning like a parabola and
meet you on the turning point
where I can utter 3 words to you.
Words that describe the mid point
of my heart. Without u my heart
is like a semi circle.
Because u stole the other half. I
will appreciate if we could come
together and solve for x so that
we both stop to be vertically
opposite and start to be
corresponding angles. I know u
are intelligent enough to
understand that when it comes to
trigonometrical world, because we are all
positive in the
first quadrant

your love, infobestz.

Published by Infobestz

HI, MY NAME IS VARO STEPHEN. But folks calI mẹ INFOBESTZ. I am a blogger and a freelancer living in Nigeria who love to share informative article updates with my Audience who are article lovers. I created INFOBESTZ.COM to serve as a platform to disseminate quality, credible and dependable information regarding various happenings, discoveries and adventures in Nigeria system and in the world at large..

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