Humanity Should Always Be The Priority

The house your Dad built, who is living there now? What makes you think the ones you are building now your children will live there? How are you sure they will live in Nigeria. Ten years now, the house will be out of fashion. Stop killing yourself. This wife of yours that is pushing youContinue reading “Humanity Should Always Be The Priority”

Negative effects of masturbation

Ma$turbation can actually be good for your health, both mentally and physically. . Do you know that it also has a very bad effect on your Brain. It is proved that most people that ma$turbate excessively often has short-term memory. Most of the people that ma$turbates excessively usually: 1. Feel weak and lazy 2. TheyContinue reading “Negative effects of masturbation”

Mathematical letter to his charming goddess.

Dear My luv… I may not be goodwith words because my English isnot fluent, but What I feel deepinside my heart persuades me toexpress myself mathematically.Every time I see u, usimultaneously divide my life intotwo equations. Because myfeelings for u cross-multiply on adaily basis, u inspire me to begreater than zero. Your smilekeeps me inContinue reading “Mathematical letter to his charming goddess.”


COVER THEM UP INSTEAD OF EXPOSING THEM After I had cleaned and tidied up my house, my brother phoned me and said, “My wife and I are coming to visit you.” I went to my kitchen to prepare something for them, but I could not find anything available to serve them. After much thought andContinue reading “How do you treat your SIBLINGS? FRIENDS? FAMILY? COLLEAGUES”


A friend told me this personal story of his. I’m sure he will remember if he comes across this post because he is on my friend’s list. His words….. Many years ago I was working as a clerk at a faculty in one popular university in Nigeria, then I saw an advert for NDA (NigeriaContinue reading “SHUT THE DOOR OF RELATIONSHIP GENTLY, YOU MAY NEED TO USE IT LATER!”

32. Precautions for your son.

Never shake a man’s hand sitting down. Don’t enter a pool by the stairs. The man at the BBQ Grill is the closest thing to a king. In a negotiation, never make the first offer. Request the late check-out. When entrusted with a secret, keep it. Hold your heroes to a higher standard. Return aContinue reading “32. Precautions for your son.”

NPower Online CBT Test. Read This Information Immediately if you have not written your online CBT test.

The President Buhari-led government, collectively with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has these days launched a new enrolment Npower portal for all Batch C candidates. According to the Federal Ministry, the new enrolment portal, which operates below the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), used to be designed to make superb transparency, institutional reminiscence andContinue reading “NPower Online CBT Test. Read This Information Immediately if you have not written your online CBT test.”

Good news to those that applied for Npower batch C.

The ministry of humanitarian affairs had earlier made a publications that the Npower batch c has been launched. As shown by the below photo which was taken from twitter. Meanwhile it is advisable that they prepare for a test which will be conducted for the respective batch C applicants. More screenshot below. As reported byContinue reading “Good news to those that applied for Npower batch C.”

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