Be Careful When Using The POS Machine, See How They Defraud People Using POS.

A new fraudulent act is trending right now in Nigeria, which involves the use of POS(Point Of Sales Terminals). Many of us especially students finds it easier to go to shops to withdraw using POS terminals rather than going to bank.

According to my brother, he went to a shop around Ogba, Lagos state to withdraw using the POS terminals, The Lady in charge of the shop collected his ATM and she slotted it into the machine, after two minutes, she said the POS machine is either malfunctioning or there is no network.

The lady then told the guy that she has another POS machine in the shop,the lady actually brought another POS machine but this is where the fraud comes in.

The guy allowed her to take his ATM card into the shop not knowing she went inside to snap the ATM expiring date, the ATM card number, Account Name and the CVV.

After he finished his transaction, the second day, he started seeing alert of money someone used to buy provision and stuffs online.

Many of us actually thinks they can’t do anything with our bank account unless they have your Pin, which is very false. Although, to purchase things online sometimes require One Time Password that would be send to the registered account phone numberbut we all have to know that it is not all website that does this.

That is why i am using these platform to explain to you how it is done. Please, when you are using the POS machine to run any type of transaction make sure you do not allow anybody much access to it. The ATM card should not go out of your sight and make sure your full attention is with the person handling the ATM, in other to avoid stories that touch.

The truth is always bitter. Enough is a enough!


Introduction is not marriage!

Boyfriend is not Hubby!

Fiance is not Hubby!

Living together is not marriage!

What is the problem here? 👇👇👇👇
Don’t you all know the meaning of marriage again?
You’ve not been acknowledged by him, his family, yours and elders, your brideprice hasn’t even been paid not to talk of marriage registration, you’ve not been given a ring, and you’re calling him “YOUR HUSBAND”? Are you okay at all?
Please my ladies, respect yourselves.
Respect your parents as well… Quit confusing these guys, quit giving them more than they are ready for, calm down with your desperation, raise your value!!!

Know your damn worth!!!

Today you visit, you leave toothbrush!

Tomorrow you leave slippers!

Yesterday you left panties!

Next tomorrow, you stayed forever.

Are you sure he is ready? if you turn yourself into a free cow that gives milk freely, why would a sensible man then buy milk again?

Stop turning yourselves to
free foods that could be eaten anytime by any


Be wise from today.
I know a lot of ladies will not comment nor like this update.

Truth is always bitter

When last did you see Jehovah witnesses? See why they are no longer knocking on your door

Jehovah witness are a Christian organization that encourage strict adherence to Bible principles.

They pride themselves in being the only Bible oriented Christan group on Earth.

You see them with their carts in the market and public places, preaching to passerbys.

They visit people in their homes to teach the Bible. They will always look for a way to locate you no matter how unaccessible your house is.

Because of being so use to Jehovah’s witnesses visit even in inaccessible places, there were jokes on social media that covid19 palliative should be given to Jehovah witnesses to share to poor Nigerians during the lockdown because they know every Nigerian.

People are so use to seeing Jehovah witnesses that you could easily identify them just with the way they dress.

But recently, we are no longer getting those daily visits from Jehovah witnesses.

It all started when the federal government introduced restrictions on religious gathering due to covid19.

In keeping with FG orders, Jehovah’s witnesses took most of their activities online.

Their weekly meetings are now conducted online, mostly through video calls using the Zoom video channel.

Visiting people in their homes was also suspended and it was temporarily replace with preaching on WhatsApp and other online platform.

You may no longer be receiving regular visits from Jehovah witnesses due to covid19 but I am very sure, they will be back knocking on your door the moment they considering it safe to do so.

*Pictures are for illustrative purposes.

Photos of the bridge which moves Under the sea


ORESUND BRIDGE is the Bridge jointly owned by Sweden and Denmark, it was the longest bridge in Europe from 2000 – 2019. It was designed in such a way that both railway and road are able to pass through it. The bridge connects 2 cities: Maimo in Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Initially, the idea to construct the bridge which would connect Sweden with Denmark started in the 19th century (1910 precisely). The proposal was made by the Swedish government, although the idea was dropped due to the World wars which took place.

The bridge was designed by the Danish engineering company – COWL. The construction of this bridge began in 1995 and the was completed and got opened in the 1st, July, 2000. The oresund bridge received the 2002 IABSE most outstanding structure award.

1) A main bridge.

2) An artificial island which channels the bridge into the sea.

3) A tunnel: The tunnel is located under the sea floor and it connects the bridge with Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

The bridge was constructed in such a way that it contains both Rail and Road transport networks, See the photos below:


Prof. Wole Soyinka says :
“Awolowo was 37 years,
Akintola 36,
Ahmadu Bello 36,
Balewa 34,
Okotie-Eboh 27
and Enahoro 27
And they led the struggle for Nigeria
Independence after
the death of Macaulay. Only Zik was 42 at the
In 1966, the first military coup was led by K
Nzeogwu who was 29 years and countered by
M.Mohammed 28,
T. Danjuma 28,
I. Babangida 25,
J. Garba 23,
Sani Abacha 23,
and M. Yar’adua 23,
And brought to power
Y. Gowon 32,
Ojukwu 33,
Obasanjo 29,
And Buhari 24!
Most of the military governors who governed
the states under the successive military
regimes were under 30 years.
Also, the brief democratic dispensation which
interjected the military interregnums also saw
some Senators and members of the House of
Representatives, in particular, populated by
persons under 30!
Under 30’s were also not in short supply with
appointments – we have examples of
MT Mbu who became Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs
Minister at 23 and Pat Utomi who became a
Federal Adviser at 27
And so on and so forth!
NOW: Why is it that almost all this age
bracket is today still sleeping in 3-seater
chairs in their
parents’ homes?
Why is it that this age bracket is today still
collecting pocket money from their parents?
Why is it that this age bracket is today still
writing JAMB?
Why is it that this age bracket today still
‘sagg’ their trousers?
Why is it that this age bracket is today still
searching for jobs and not yet married?
Why is it that this age bracket is today no
longer qualified to even be leaders of youth
wings of political parties?
Why is it that this age bracket is today so
Why is this age bracket today incapable of
feeding itself?
Why is it that this age bracket is today barred
from even aspiring to certain political offices?
Why is it that this age bracket is today
incapacitated, unwilling, unable and incapable
of asking questions?
From Prof Wole Soyinka.
This is real Food for Thought!


Rhesus Factor is an antigen that exists on the
surface of red blood cells in most people (about
85% of humans). It is also referred to as Rh
Factor. People who have the Rh have
“positive” (+) blood types, such as A+, O+ or B+
are said to be rhesus Factor positive, while those
who have the Rh “negative” (-) blood types, such
as A–, O– or AB– are said to be rhesus factor
negative . The “+” and “-” after the blood group
is the Rhesus factor. Generally, we have A+, A–,
B+, B–, AB+, AB–, O+ and O–. Rhesus factor is
genetic in nature. It is inherited from the
parents, emphatically the father.

How does Rhesus Factor cause miscarriage?
If a Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with
Rh–, there wouldn’t be any problem. However, if
a Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with Rh+,
there would be a problem if the baby inherits Rh+
from the father . We have here what is medically
called Rhesus Factor Incompatibility. The baby
would obviously be Rh+. During child birth, once
the baby’s Rh+ comes in contact with the
woman Rh- during delivery, the antibodies are
immediately activated by the woman’s body’s
immune system.

The activated antibodies would see the new Rh+
as foreign body or a threat and consequently
they would be at alert to attack and get rid of
the foreign body. Unfortunately as such, after
this particular child birth, the woman would keep
having miscarriages because the activated
antibodies would see subsequent Rh+
pregnancies as foreign bodies and would keep
fighting and taking them off.

Women with Rh activated antibodies are said to
be Rh sensitized and once these antibodies are
activated , they can never be deactivated until
the woman dies. Rh induced antibodies are
activated in a Rh- woman by child birth, abortion,
miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.
If a Rh– woman commits an abortion for a Rh+
man and the antibodies are activated in her
system, the woman might end up childless
throughout her life except if she later marries
another man with with the same Rh–. The
possibility of a Rh– woman finding a Rh– man is
slim as about 85% of human beings are Rh+.
This is a warning to our young girls who commits
abortions all in the name of boyfriend-girlfriend

If you’re a woman with Rh– and your fiance is
Rh+, and you haven’t committed abortion for him
and you don’t want to leave him, then, you need
to take note of the following:
In order to prevent the activation of the
antibodies, doctors would give women in this
category an injection called Rhogam during and
after pregnancy to prevent spontaneous abortion
due to Rhesus factor incompatibility. The
injection is normally administered 28 weeks into
pregnancy, 72 hours after delivery, after ectopic
pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion. If the
injection is not administered and the antibodies
are activated, they would never be deactivated

In many African cultures up till today, women
who are so unfortunate to find themselves
having serial spontaneous abortions due to
Rhesus factor incompatibility are considered
witches by some of their people. Some of the
women would accuse their in-laws of being
behind their predicament.
So, if you’re a woman with Rh– , you need to be
very careful. It might be difficult for you to get a
husband with a Rh– because about 85% of
human beings are Rh+. So, in order not to find
yourself in the aforementioned problem, put all
that have been said at the back of your mind
and go for genetic counselling. If you have a
daughter or a sister with Rh–, counsel them on
Rhesus Factor Incompatibility and the dangers
lying therein.

It should also be noted that a Rh– person(man
or woman) cannot receive blood donation from a
Rh+ person even if they have the same blood
group. The consequence of such blood
transfusion is fatal. It would lead to death as the
blood would clot. This is due to the
incompatibility in their Rhesus factor.
GOD Bless.




Are You Happy That A Bag Of Rice Is Now N35-40k?
Are You Happy That Drivers License Cost Between 25k-30k?
Are You Happy That N1500 Cannot Buy You 10Liters Of Fuel And N10k Can No Longer Fill You Car Fuel Tank?
Are You Not Angry That Every Nigerian Home Depend On Personal Generating Set For Electricity?
Are You Happy That Small Sachet Tomato Paste Is Now N100?
Are You Happy, That The Average Nigerian Home Now Spend Between N10k-N25k Monthly On Epileptic Power Supply?
Are You Not Worried That Our Minimum Wage Can Not Buy A Bag Of Rice or Beans Or Any Staple Food?
Do You Ever Wonder How Poor People Survive In This Nation?
Are You Not Mad At The Insane Number Of Extortion Points Called Checkpoints Allover Our Roads?
Are You Not Mad That Police, FRSC, Civil Defence, VIO, Customs, LASTMA, OCHA BRIGADE, Ndi Mpiawa Azu, Govt Sponsored Touts and Hooligans ETC Are All On Our Roads and Markets Harassing And Extorting Innocent People In Broad Day Light?
Are You Not Bitter That SMSE And Budding Entrepreneurs Spend All Their Profit And Even Capital On Diesel And Are Frustrated Out Of Business By Different Business Permits, Multiple Taxes And Insane Levies?
Are You Not Sad That You’re Forced To Bribe Your Way Through Life If You Need Anything Done In This Nation?
Is Your Car Comfortable On Our Pot Hole Ridden Death Traps Called Roads?
Are You OK With The Fact That 90% Of Nigerians Are Stuck With Poorly Equipped Hospitals While Our Elite 10% Junket Around The Globe For The Best Medical Attention?
Ever Ask Your Self Why Over 70% Of Nigerians Survive On Less Than A Dollar Daily?
Do You Ever Wonder Why Over 60% Of Our Graduates Are Jobless?
Are You Not Mad That NLC And NANs Has Been Compromised?
Are You Not Sad That Honest Hardworking People Die Broke In This Nation While The Shady Thrive?
Are You Not Tired And Angry?
I Am Tired
Nigerians Are Beyond Angry…. Enough is a enough.

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Who is SARS? What is SARS? How can you identify SARS?


SARS is just a microcosm of our bigger problem as a nation. Our disregard and disrespect for human life and dignity.

When as a CIVIL SERVANT, you refused to move file of the ordinary person because he can’t “settle’ you, you are a SARS killing without gun.

When as an USHER or CHURCH OFFICIAL, you disrespect the ordinary church member because he came to church by public transport, you are a SARS Killing without gun.

When as a CEO or DIRECTOR, you want that Young lady or guy sleep with you before she/he gets that job or promotion, you are a SARS killing without gun.

When as a parent, you bribe the school officials to give your wards an advantage in exams because you have the means and by this, the hardworking child misses the admission that’s rightfully his you are a SARS killing without gun

When as a Religious leader, you celebrate and honour only those who are powerful and influential and can donate to your organization while you make the average member feel less than human just because he has little or nothing, you are a SARS killing without gun

Extortion of money from flocks for flamboyant lifestyles without gun in the name of God is SARS

When you are a lecturer in an higher institution, you forced your female students to sleep with you before they can pass their exams, you are a SARS killing without gun.

When you as an artistcian, you take advantage of your customers and lie to them about the nature of the work they brought to you, you are a SARS Killing without gun

SARS is not that BRUTAL POLICE OFFICER with a physical gun to intimidate powerless US, but that person who takes advantage of the system to treat the VUNERABLE as trash.

All those that cornered the palliatives from the government to the people, are SARS killing without gun

Kidnappers and Ritual killers are SARS

School Cultism killings are SARS

Political killings are SARS
Prayer Warriors calling fire down to consume fellow human beings are SARS

Selling, use and consumption of Hard Drugs for illicit acts is SARS

Bad Parenting, lack of parental care and protecting the evil deeds of our children is SARS

Husband/Wife Father/Mother praying to be successor of each other or denying the progression of or pitching Children’s love against each other is SARS

Hatred for other Human being or Persons or Groups is SARS

Betrayal of Person, Family, Group, Community or Nation is SARS

Failure to keep promises or abide with Vows/Oaths is SARS

Lack to abide by Constitutional/Ordained Laws is SARS

Fraudsters gradual killing of people without gun are SARS

Vandalisation and Destruction of infrastructures for financial gain or to sabotage the government leading to hardships and pains is SARS

Stealing and diversions of funds meant for community development and nation building is SARS

Oppression of fellow being/citizens is SARS

Aids and Abetting against persons, groups or constituted authority or institution for beneficial purposes or gain is SARS! Coupled with deceitfulness

We are all guilty. Time for all of us to repent and change. Change begins with you, me and us!



top 5 cleanest and developed States in Nigeria. Check If Yours is inside!!

Nigeria is one of the fast developing countries in the world, and some states and their governors in Nigeria are doing great works of development in their spheres.

5. Rivers States

This state is situated in the south-south district in Nigeria. The state is the highest oil producing state in Nigeria and where most of Nigeria’s economic activities take place.

4. Akwa Ibom State

Is also located in the south-south region of Nigeria and was created from Cross River state. It was created September 23,1987 and has its state capital in Uyo.


owever, this state is one of the main oil producing state in Nigeria and the second richest state in Nigeria.

Most of the infrastructures and development was done during the reign of Governor Akpabio.

It may interest you to know that Akwa Ibom has the best stadium in Nigeria.

3. Cross River State

The state is located in the south-south region of Nigeria still. South-South district of Nigeria is really blessed.

It offers great hospitality services and is vastly known by foreigners and citizens during their festivities. During this festive time, foreigners come to the state from London, U. S and Brazil. They also have the best delicacies in Nigeria.

2. Lagos State

Lagos state is one of the most popular and most feared state in Nigeria to an extent though. The main focus on its development and economic activity is Ikeja, the state capital.

The state is the second most clean and developed in Nigeria, its where most entertainment and comedy shows trends in Nigeria.

It also have one of the best international airport in Africa, Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

Eko Atlantic and Banana Island are also located in the state.

1. Abuja, FCT

The state was planned and built in 1980 and since that time it has been developing.

Is the capital territory of Nigeria and where most administrative offices are situated, this also contributed to its development.

The City is divided into commercial and residential areas, it has only six local government areas.

It became the capital of Nigeria 1991 after it was moved from Lagos State.

If you have ever visited the state, it will be evident to you really.

However, they are other developed states, like Ebonyi State, Enugu, Ibadan and Anambra state.

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One Love _One Nigeria

7 Trending Hilarious Descriptions About Newly Formed Nigeria SWAT.

The issue of EndSARS and police Brutality protest has been going on for some days now as almost every state youths have come out to expresses their annoyance and Clamouring for the disbandment of the SARS officers and ending the police brutality.

See some funny description use for Nigeria SWAT.

Some hilarious picture have it that the way of life and dressing of Nigeria SWAT meant even be thesame as that of the defunct SARS. It shows some comparism with American SWAT.

This joke was about name changing of same brutal and unprofessional guys in SARS, afterall same set of men will still be in SWAT. Now what changes apart from the name, this is part of what people believe.

Nigerians are of the view that the newly formed SWAT are already watching for the first Nigerian guy to buy iPhone 12, so that he or she can be tagged as scammer.

This joke involves when telling your friend that leaves in United States that SWAT stop you on road twice today maybe possibly asking you to bring out your phone or laptop or even why are you on dread. What will be your US friend response?.

Watch the funny video

Watch the funny video

(Pictures are only for illustration of belief and thoughts of some Nigerians)

I can’t stop laughing looking at these photos. Which of them caught your attention most?.Do you belief in these descriptions?.

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